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Auto-clean Shower Toilets

Auto-clean Shower Toilets

These toilets really are the pinnacle of cleanliness, as you have no need for paper, no need to be concerned about hygiene, as they will clean and dry parts that other toilets can't, and won't, reach!

The first toilet seat with an integrated bidet was developed in America in 1964, however Japan got in on the act with the first high tech toilet back in 1980, so they've been around for a few decades.

Known as washlets (washing toilet), shower bidets, self-cleaning toilet, shower toilet, bum washer toilet (our favourite), these toilets take hygiene to another level, that paper and wet wipes just can't get to.

As you'll see below, they're very stylish designs, that look like a standard WC and complement all types of bathroom styles, they come equipped in many cases with adjustable washing heads, air-drying, memory for shower head positioning for different users, even water temperature controls and odour extraction.

Also, some are entire units, with concealed cistern and subtle lighting, with others simply replacing the actual toilet seat instead.

They're the next big thing in bathrooms, so come and see us for a demonstration (that's not as crude as you think), call us to talk about options and place your order, as we can supply these within just a few days. Your privy parts will thank you for it!

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