Toilets Wall Hung Toilets Sanilife Sanimatic WC

Sanilife Sanimatic WC



  • An electronically controlled rise & fall WC
  • Optional Arm Support
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  • Enables the user to adjust the height of the WC using a remote control.
  • Enables the user to adjust the seat height up and down whilst seated and also to flush the WC without having to turn or stretch.
  • The range of travel  is 37cm from a low of  38cm to a high of 75cm
  • Will move weight of up to approximately 200kg (440lbs)
  • The advantage to those who need assistance when standing up or sitting down is clear.
  • Sanimatic is compatible with most wall hung toilet bowls(not provided) so design choice is not limited.
  • It blends unobtrusively with modern bathroom furniture.
  • The unit can be wall mounted or recessed and the rear panels can be decorated as required.
  • Optional arm rests are available.
To Connellys and Steven,    Thank you for a lovely tiled kitchen and floor, I am very pleased. 
Mrs Shephard