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Visit Our Nottingham Bathroom Showroom
Visit Our Nottingham Bathroom Showroom

VitrA V Care Intelligent Rimless Toilet - Comfort

SKU VCareComfort
by Vitra

The VitrA V Care Intelligent Rimless Toilet Comfort option has additional functions and adjustments to suit your personal preferences and ensure you feel totally pampered, it even senses your approach and lifts the seat for you!

All washing features can be personalised to provide the most comfortable temperature and water pressure for you.

The pulsation and oscillating options have an invigorating effect; providing gentle yet thorough personal cleaning. You can also choose the temperature of the warm air dryer so you can remain completely relaxed and in control. When you have finished and left the area a sensor will automatically close the toilet seat completing your V care Comfort Experience.

Please call our showroom to organize purchase and delivery on 0115 9277089

V-care, the new smarter WC combining the functionality of a toilet and the cleaning properties of a bidet Stylish design to look like a standard WC and to complement all types of bathroom styles 

  • The remote control and automatic sensors deliver a total hands-free experience Simple to use via remote control or buttons on the WC 
  • Multiple washing options Adjustable seat temperatures 
  • Adjustable drying options 
  • Automatic open and close seat 
  • Ergonomically designed seat for maximum comfort 
  • Air purification for a fresher bathroom Rim-Ex™ 
  • WC pan for increased hygiene and easier cleaning#
  • Rear cleaning nozzle 
  • Front jet position Adjustable jet position 
  • Adjustable water pressure 
  • Oscillating jet Pulsation 
  • Adjustable dryer temperature 
  • Adjustable water temperature

> Download the Vitra V-care Brochure